Avoid Google Penalties

Google and other search engine penalties occur when commercial website owners fail to keep their websites up to date. Part of this process deals with links. Links to social media accounts and networking partners need to be authentic. In the past, commercial website owners have gotten away with acquiring paid links. These links might lead to websites that do not exist, or that simply contain incorrect information. Authentic links can be established if you contact other website owners and ask for permission to link to them. You must contribute to their website in some way to get this permission. Blog websites are excellent choices for linking.

Keywords are used to help commercial websites to rank higher. However, you might find that your website lacks keywords that enable it to rank higher. Unfortunately, simply stuffing your content with these keywords can do more harm than good. Google employs people who are trained to spot this type of action. Keywords must be implemented correctly within the context of the information. It must appear organic, and the content must be legitimate as well. Duplicate content is another major obstacle. In many cases, duplicate content occurs accidentally. A person designing a website might mistakenly use content that was already used on another page. This is why it is so important to read through all of the webpages before the commercial site is launched.

All of the content that you create must be original. Copy-spun content, or content that is pulled from another source and then re-worded for your use, is not usable. content is usable, not copied or plaigarized. Copied content should never be used, and it must be eliminated immediately. A quality SEO professional will never use someone else's content on your commercial website. Updates to videos, services, and information must be made as necessary. Older information can lead clients to become frustrated with your website. All videos need to actually work. Penalties are handed out to website owners who fail to make sure that videos actually play. All you have to do is make sure that you are invested with the success of your commercial website.