Commercial Homepage and Purchase Page

Arguably, the two most important web pages for any commercial website, is the homepage and the purchase page. The homepage contains some vital information. This information includes company history, goals, values, contacts, and additional information. Clients want to see how the company got its start. A reflection of humble beginnings is a great way to show humility, and to convince others that what you offer is for everyone. Company goals should be centered around what you can offer to clients. Self-serving goals do nothing more than show that you are only worried about making money.

The purchase page has the potential to make or break a deal. A person who visits a commercial website should have plenty of product options. These options need to have detailed descriptions. However, the descriptions should be easily understood by a variety of readers. If the descriptions are over-complicated, then a potential customer will simply move on to a competitor that produces similar items. A drop-down menu is a great option for products, because it allows customers to make a choice about whether or not they wish to seek additional information before making their decisions.

Multiple purchase methods are equally important. Customers love to be able to buy products through a variety of means. Debt and credit cards are the most popular, but more commercial companies are accepting PayPal as a form of payment as well. This is a great option for people who have money saved in a PayPal account. They do not have to wait for several days while the bank transfers money. The purchase methods need to be backed up with security measures. Customers will not buy services or products from a company that has a history of fraud or website hacks. An SEO professional can ensure it is set up the right way.

A purchase page also needs to have an option for customers to make inquiries that will be answered quickly. If a shipment is late to its destination, then that customer has a right to know what is going on. Quick responses, regardless of the problem at hand, go a long way in helping commercial companies to build a solid reputation within the online community. In some instances, a public forum is the best method for allowing customers to voice concerns. This provides examples for other customers, and they will see that you truly care about their satisfaction with your service.